Whether it is by truck, rail or even short sea transport, we will find a way to make it to destination. We take care of your transportation needs from loading to arrival at the destination.

About Summit Logistics

Trucking and Heavy Haul

Let’s pave the way for your products transportation

Whatever the route to be traveled, we will make sure your products reach their destination. Our expertise allows us to select the most practical route, to manage public safety and signage.

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Rail Transport

For a reliable and efficient transport

For the transport of many products and longer distances, transportation by train is one of the solutions to be favored. We will guide you to the most suitable means of transport according to your needs, your deadlines and your budget.

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Short Sea Shipping

For a safe and economical transport

Whether it is for interprovincial transport or for transit by boat, transport by sea makes it possible to facilitate transport over short distances. Our team will ensure that the logistics of this transport is the most optimal method for the fulfillment of your request.

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Simplify your
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Increase the efficiency of your supply chain and logistics by dealing with a single source service provider.

A solution to all your transport-related problems

Unparalleled service

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Complete management of your supply chain

Tell us your transportation needs, we will offer you the solution to achieve them

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